Why Akeneo PIM

Akeneo is a global leader in Product Information Management (PIM) solutions that enable retailers and corporate brands to deliver a consistent and enriched customer experience across all sales channels, including eCommerce, mobile, print, and retail points of sale.

Akeneo’s open source enterprise PIM dramatically improves product data quality and accuracy while simplifying and accelerating product catalog management.

Why is Akeneo the best PIM solution?


Intuitive interface, enables users to work with minimal training.


Rich set of features. Frequent product releases deliver cutting edge functionality.


Modeling, editing, security, workflow, and integration flexibility. No legacy tool issues.


Comprehensive set of pre-built connectors & extensions. Speed up deployments.


Manage multi-channel needs (data quality, completeness, rules, etc.). Multi-language, multi-currency, multi-region.


Variants, kits, cross-sells, rich text, assets. Tell great product stories at assortment level, enhance shopping experiences.


Works as advertised, flexibility to support & enhance solution with in-house & 3rd party resources.


Free community version, affordable enterprise version. Easy to implement & support, and low total cost of ownership.

Akeneo powers the product information management for 300+ Companies Worldwide and 2500+ Community Users

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Boost your eCommerce strategy with Akeneo by delivering high quality product information across channels

Akeneo Onboarder

The Akeneo Onboarder is a secure and intuitive SaaS-based self-service supplier portal that helps collecting, validating and managing product information from suppliers and manufacturers by removing the bottlenecks created by cumbersome excel files and manual tasks. Faster product data collection = faster time to market!

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This joint solution by StrikeTru connects users of Akeneo PIM to Translations.com’s GlobalLink Connect system to accelerate the translation and deployment of high-volume product content stored in the PIM system. With Akeneo2GlobalLink, users will find it simple and intuitive to manage multi-language product content and translation workflows from within Akeneo PIM.

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Akeneo PIM Connector for BigCommerce

Combine the power of BigCommerce and Akeneo PIM APIs to make it quick and easy for you to manage your complete catalog in a centralized` PIM system. A robust app that lets you manipulate volumes of product catalogs including product categories, attributes, product variants, images, and image URLs, and disseminate them rapidly across shopping channels.

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Akeneo PIM Connector for Shopify

Simple, reliable, secure and professional Akeneo PIM Connector for Shopify creates a tight integration between the two platforms, enabling eCommerce brands to seamlessly export high quality product data from Akeneo PIM to Shopify and other online shopping channels. Save time by automating repetitive tasks, eliminate error-prone manual product catalog transfer and update processes.

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Akeneo Connectors

Connectors powered by Akeneo PIM that make it easy to interface Akeneo with platforms like Shopware, Magento, AD eContent and other eCommerce tools, to help you automate & simplify a wide range of tasks, utilize your time efficiently and increase efficiency. Designed to reduce implementation risk and delivery timelines, improve content quality, and ensure customer satisfaction.

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Why Choose StrikeTru for Akeneo PIM implementation?

  • Our long-standing relationship with Akeneo spanning the last 7 years

  • Multiple PIM, MDM, DAM and other product data solution implementations since 2010

  • Akeneo’s first Silver Solution Partner in the US

  • StrikeTru is considered by its partners to be one of their most experienced partners in the US

“StrikeTru is consistently leverged its strong industry experience and Akeneo PIM software capabilities to help accelerate the growing adoptation of Akeneo PIM in the US as companies face increasing pressure to provide rich and high quality product content across all channels.”

Frederick de Gombert, CEO and Co-Founder of Akeneo