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Akeneo Onboarder

The Akeneo Onboarder is a cloud-based self-service supplier portal that helps collect and validate product information from suppliers to import into your Akeneo Enterprise PIM system. Suppliers can log into the cloud portal and upload product content (current and new SKUs) for your review. Retailers and distributors can leverage the Onboarder to collaborate with suppliers and streamline the typically manual processes involved in supplier data collection and SKU build-outs.


  • Enable suppliers to login and provide product data
  • Define what data to collect from suppliers
  • Use template-driven process to collect product data
  • Transform (reformat or convert) incoming data to import into Akeneo PIM
  • Process current products only or onboard newly proposed products
  • Process one or multiple products at a time


  • Onboard suppliers and supplier products faster
  • Improve supplier product data quality
  • Reduce spreadsheet and email-based manual processes
  • Reduce manual data entry errors
  • Save time for your team and your suppliers

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