BigCommerce V2-V3 Product Migration App



The BigCommerce V2-V3 Product Migration App helps store owners update a V2 store into a V3 store by transferring products from V2 to V3 format automatically.

V3 products are set up very differently compared with V2 products. Currently, the process of migrating products from V2 to V3 is manual and involves multiple specific steps. Needless to say, it can be time-consuming and error-prone.

It involves the following series of manual steps:

  1. Export V2 products into a CSV file
  2. Edit the spreadsheet to add V3 product options
  3. Delete shared V2 option sets and options
  4. Delete product-specific custom V2 option sets and options
  5. Delete configurable fields
  6. Disable Google shopping and update to V3 product experience in the product creation UI
  7. Import the V3 options
  8. Enable Google shopping

Deleting product-specific custom option sets requires you to go to each product page and delete its custom option set. Depending on the number of custom option sets, this can be a fairly tedious job.

If you’re looking to automate this migration and update your V2 store to V3 quickly, this app is just right for you.




  • Available as a single-click BigCommerce app
  • Provides a guided experience to update a BigCommerce store from V2 to V3
  • Performs a backup of V2 product data to help restore products to a prior state
  • Identifies products with configurable fields (deleting these is a pre-requisite for V2-V3 update)
  • Generates a product import CSV to disable Google Shopping (a pre-requisite for V2-V3 update)
  • Identifies products to rebuild manually (e.g., V2 products with more than 600 variants)
  • Converts V2 product options into V3 product options
  • Converts V2 configurable fields into V3 modifier options
  • Converts V2 product options (that are not of type Swatch, Radio Buttons, Rectangle List, or Dropdown) into V3 modifier options
  • Generates V3 product variations (SKUs)
  • Computes V3 variant specific data (price, weight, etc.) based on V2 option rules
  • Provides useful V2 product reports (e.g., option sets, options, and option values) for future optimization


  • Automate BigCommerce V2-V3 product data migration
  • Reduce the cost and complexity involved in an otherwise manual V2-V3 migration process
  • Start leveraging all the benefits of BigCommerce V3 stores quickly
  • Lean on StrikeTru’s expert data services and solutions for additional benefits (including data model optimizations, data enrichments, PIM, DAM, eCommerce, and data connectors)

Why Choose StrikeTru?


StrikeTru Is A BigCommerce Trusted Partner.

StrikeTru is a deep expert at eCommerce Data Migration projects, and extreme automation is a key component of our approach to data migrations. With our advanced pre-built migration tool, you can jump-start your BigCommerce V2-V3 migration process so your digital transformation programs get off to a quick start and not get stuck in lengthy and expensive data migration projects. 

  • Deep domain expertise in data and eCommerce industry 
  • Significant experience working with BigCommerce merchants
  • Multiple BigCommerce data migration solutions (including V2 to V3 Store Migration, MSF Migration, BigCommerce to PIM Data Migration, and PIM to BigCommerce Data Sync Connector)
  • End-to-end delivery capabilities (Technology, Data, and Commerce)
  • High-touch training and support

To see how the BigCommerce V2-V3 Product Migration App works, request a demo now!

The app will be released in September 2022 and we will contact you as soon as we’re ready to do a demo.


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