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Akeneo is a global leader in open-source enterprise Product Information Management (PIM) solutions that enables retailers and brands of all sizes to centralize enterprise product data and digital assets in one place, improve how product catalogs are organized, enriched, managed and shared, eliminate ‘manual’ PIM headaches across the enterprise, quickly measure data quality and completeness to drive user productivity, and deliver compelling, consistent, and personalized customer experiences on ecommerce, marketplaces and other sales channels.

Akeneo PIM Solutions - StrikeTru

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“StrikeTru has consistently leveraged its strong industry experience and Akeneo PIM software capabilities to help accelerate the growing adoption of Akeneo PIM in the US as companies face increasing pressure to provide rich and high-quality product content across all channels.”

Frederick de Gombert, CEO and Co-Founder of Akeneo

What are the key elements of Akeneo PIM Solutions?


Akeneo PIM helps B2B and B2C businesses dealing with large and complex product data sets and problematic internal manual data management processes.

Product data quality and accuracy - StrikeTru

PIM can dramatically improve product data quality and accuracy while streamlining workflows and simplifying product catalog management.

Enriched Product Data Experience - StrikeTru

Deliver an enriched product experience across all sales channels, including ecommerce, mobile, print, and retail points of sale.

Data Cleansing, Transformation, Enrichment and Validation_StrikeTru

Improved operational efficiencies through standardized and streamlined product data onboarding and maintenance business processes.

Seamless multichannel commerce - StrikeTru

Improved distribution of your product content to web, ecommerce, marketplaces and other syndication channels.

Manage your product catalog - StrikeTru

Scalable platform to increase the volume, velocity, and variety of product catalogs being managed.

Speed products to market with DAM

PIM helps you reduce delays in time to market products and provide better user experience to improve the ROI’s.

Improve your ROI and Profits - StrikeTru

Higher conversion rate and a consistent online shopping experience for customers.

Akeneo's first Silver Partner - Striketru

We are the first Akeneo PIM platform silver solution partner in the US.

What is the StrikeTru PIM implementation advantage?

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We can help you streamline product data collection, data management, & PIM syndication (PXM) processes via affordable cloud-based solutions backed by deep know-how on modernizing and automating legacy data management systems, and translating those efficiencies into new growth opportunities.

  • Realize the full value of your product data
  • Robust data modelling and smooth data migration
  • Functional and technical PIM solutions training for unmitigated internal adoption of the new PIM system,
  • Akeneo connectors that seamlessly integrate with ecommerce platforms like BigCommerce, Magento & Shopify and other integrations that automate key processes and accelerate implementation
  • Speed, delivery, adaptability, collaboration & accuracy: on-time and on-budget completion of a high-quality system meeting your business requirements

StrikeTru’s approach to PIM implementation projects is a best-of-breed one. Easily customizable, with frictionless pre-built connectors that jumpstart growth so businesses can meet their product data needs, end to end, without losing momentum.

We help you by diving into granular detail on your product data upfront. Articulate a clear vision of what your product data landscape would look like post PIM software implementation. Get a real preview of your future solution and understand how your product data will work to support your ecommerce growth.

Read our case study to learn how a leading furniture retailer doubled its SKU and product attributes counts in 12 months via an integrated PIM system implemented by StrikeTru

StrikeTru PIM Connectors powered by Akeneo

StrikeTru helps businesses set-up Akeneo PIM to support reliable synchronization of product data, meta-data, and digital assets to ecommerce channels and marketplaces in terms of product mix, enrichment, completeness, and channel specifications.

Discover our powerful set of data connectors that enable smooth synchronization of product information to third-party content management and ecommerce platforms that accelerate your Akeneo PIM project.

Akeneo Onboarder

The Akeneo Onboarder is a secure and intuitive SaaS-based self-service supplier portal that helps collecting, validating and managing product information from suppliers and manufacturers by removing the bottlenecks created by cumbersome excel files and manual tasks. Faster product data collection = faster time to market!

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This joint solution by StrikeTru connects users of Akeneo PIM to Translations.com’s GlobalLink Connect system to accelerate the translation and deployment of high-volume product content stored in the PIM system. With Akeneo2GlobalLink, users will find it simple and intuitive to manage multi-language product content and translation workflows from within Akeneo PIM.

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Akeneo PIM Connector for BigCommerce

Combine the power of BigCommerce and Akeneo PIM APIs to make it quick and easy for you to manage your complete catalog in a centralized` PIM system. A robust app that lets you manipulate volumes of product catalogs including product categories, attributes, product variants, images, and image URLs, and disseminate them rapidly across shopping channels.

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Akeneo PIM Connector for Shopify

Simple, reliable, secure and professional Akeneo PIM Connector for Shopify creates a tight integration between the two platforms, enabling eCommerce brands to seamlessly export high quality product data from Akeneo PIM to Shopify and other online shopping channels. Save time by automating repetitive tasks, eliminate error-prone manual product catalog transfer and update processes.

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Akeneo Connectors

Connectors powered by Akeneo PIM that make it easy to interface Akeneo with platforms like Shopware, Magento, AD eContent and other eCommerce tools, to help you automate & simplify a wide range of tasks, utilize your time efficiently and increase efficiency. Designed to reduce implementation risk and delivery timelines, improve content quality, and ensure customer satisfaction.

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StrikeTru Data Services for Akeneo PIM Projects

We can collect product data from suppliers and other data sources, cleanse, map, match & merge, and load into your enterprise systems (PIM, DAM, ERP, ecommerce). 

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Looking for a more Affordable PIM Solution? Try smallPIM by StrikeTru.

StrikeTru’s smallPIM is an affordable, flexible, fast to deploy SaaS PIM solution powered by Akeneo PIM Community Edition. It specializes in helping retailers, distributors and manufacturers capitalize on cloud capabilities by making their product data work harder.

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PIM in a box for Ecommerce

Simplify product catalog management & tedious product data sync issues for seamless eCommerce. To solve these very challenges, we created a fully integrated solution with pre-configured modules to automate manual processes and manage & distribute accurate product content across digital sales channels, including marketplaces and online storefronts.

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Check the pricing for smallPIM by StrikeTru.

Are you ready to choose an affordable PIM solution that supports your product data management and ecommerce needs?

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