Akeneo PIM Connector for Shopify

Are you looking for a PIM integration for your Shopify online store? Now you can combine the powerful platform capabilities of Akeneo PIM and Shopify with StrikeTru’s simple, reliable, secure and professional Akeneo PIM Connector for Shopify!

This connector creates a tight integration between Shopify and Akeneo PIM software, enabling retailers, manufacturers, distributors and eCommerce brands to seamlessly export high quality product information from Akeneo PIM to Shopify and other online shopping channels.

Akeneo PIM is one of the most widely used product information management (PIM) tools to organize, store & manage hundreds of thousands of products accurately and systematically. The Akeneo PIM Connector for Shopify will enable merchants to prepare and transfer clean product data into Shopify and quickly sync them to other shopping channels like eBay, Amazon, Social Commerce platforms like Facebook & Instagram and Google Shopping.

Save time by automating repetitive tasks. Eliminate error prone manual product catalog transfer and update processes. Go to market fast by seamlessly enriching product information and delivering it easily to multiple online sales channels.

Grow your omnichannel business with Akeneo PIM Connector for Shopify

Akeneo PIM Connector for Shopify is compatible with Akeneo On-premise and Cloud Flexibility & Serenity editions (CE and EE v1.7 & higher)

Self-installs OAuth credentials and configuration settings required by Akeneo PIM

Available soon as a public app in Shopify Apps Marketplace. Also available as a private app!

Connector Features


  • Product imports into Shopify initiated & managed within app
  • Leverages Akeneo PIM and Shopify APIs for data sync
  • Data sync can be scheduled or ad-hoc
  • Import collections, products, and digital assets with a few clicks
  • Sync product data from single PIM to multiple Shopify stores


  • Configure which products to import from Akeneo PIM by channel, completeness, update date etc.
  • Map PIM attribute names to Shopify attribute names
  • Sync product categories in PIM as collections in Shopify
  • Import products, variants, options, and meta-data fields
  • Sync images and image URLs, and product visibility
  • Sync custom attributes as metadata fields
  • Sync reference entities & related products (Release 2)


  • Detect and report import errors (e.g. no name) by email.
  • Detailed logging (at 5 levels) to capture, report, and handle errors


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