PIM in a Box

Simplified PIM integration for online storefronts

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What is PIM in a Box?

ECommerce has become indispensable for sellers today. Without a systematized view of your product information, you run the risk of killing your product pages with listing errors and missing information.  If retail brands want to stay relevant and compete effectively, they have to eliminate manual operations that impede growth, result in lost market share and bad customer experiences.   

To solve these very challenges, we created a fully integrated solution with pre-configured modules to automate manual processes and manage & distribute accurate product content across digital sales channels, including marketplaces and online storefronts.

What’s inside the box?

smallPIM for Ecommerce - Striketru

PIM breaks up data silos and creates a single source of trusted product data by aggregating it from multiple sources, and by cleansing, enriching, governing, and maintaining it consistently. PIM helps you onboard, link, control, optimize, and share product assets with digital channels by simplifying the task of associating images, videos, PDFs, and other digital assets with product data. Affordable PIM Solution Details.

PIM for Ecommerce - Striketru

Think ERP + PIM + Ecommerce intergration. The combination of Akeneo powered smallPIM & open SaaS BigCommerce ensures that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. It offers an integrated set of capabilities without expensive investment in IT infrastructure or staff. With affordable product data solutions, including PIM, MDM, DAM, data services, supplier portal, feed management, product syndication and fully managed implementation support.

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Compelling product feeds to digital shopping channels and marketplaces will ensure customers find your products intuitively and make a purchase easily. smallPIM holds high-quality product data optimized for digital channels that can feed product syndication tools to help drive traffic and sales from an increasing number of digital channels making sure your customers keep coming back.

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Say goodbye to spending 4 weeks on an average to release new products, lost momentum, lost sales, brand erosion, and higher costs due to bad data.

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Today’s pace of eCommerce driven shopping leaves no margin for error. Hence, automation is vital to managing productivity to sustain eCommerce growth. Automate product categorization, data validations, inheritance, concatenation of data for consistent titles & descriptions, image optimizations, data imports and exports, alerts, & reporting -to scale data management operations and drastically cut down on product returns caused by manual, redundant efforts.

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Keep up with your customers wherever they are shopping. Grow at the pace of your business needs. With StrikeTru’s PIM in a Box offering, trusted product data can be shared efficiently with internal analytical and operational systems, thus increasing efficiency & productivity. This makes the enterprise more agile and flexible when it comes to selling more, implementing new digital strategies and launching new products to capture market share faster than competition.

smallPIM BigCommerce integration

eliminate painful product data sync and accelerate time to market with bulk update functionality

smallPIM Magento integration

simplify product catalog management & tedious product data sync issues for seamless eCommerce

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