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Are you looking for a PIM integration for your Shopify online store? Now you can combine the powerful platform capabilities of Akeneo PIM and Shopify APIs with StrikeTru’s user-friendly, secure, and performant Akeneo PIM Connector for Shopify!

This connector creates a tight integration between Shopify and Akeneo PIM systems, enabling eCommerce merchants to automate the transfer of high-quality product content from Akeneo PIM to Shopify stores. The Akeneo PIM Connector for Shopify enables transfer of categories, standard attributes, meta fields, products & variants, product options, images, videos, and more. This connector is compatible with all versions of Akeneo PIM including Enterprise Serenity & Flexibility editions, Growth edition, and Community edition.

StrikeTru’s Akeneo to Shopify Connector is available as an easy to deploy single-click app in the Shopify app store. The connector is built to maximize the usability, performance, and visibility of the data transfer processes. It uses GraphQL, multithreading, and other architectural techniques to deliver superior performance compared with other connectors. Shopify Plus merchants that have higher API rate limits can leverage this connector for an even higher level of performance when it comes to transferring product data and prices from Akeneo PIM to Shopify.

Grow your omnichannel business with Akeneo Shopify Connector

Akeneo PIM Connector Workflow

Akeneo PIM Connector for Shopify is compatible with Akeneo On-premise and Cloud Flexibility & Serenity editions (CE and EE v1.7 & higher)
Self-installs OAuth credentials and configuration settings required by Akeneo PIM
Available as a public app in the Shopify Apps Store and Akeneo marketplace
Install our connector on multiple Shopify stores and connect it to the same Akeneo PIM instance and sync the relevant products for each store

Our Akeneo Shopify Connector is critical to scale content and commerce operations and will save you precious time and money that would otherwise be spent on product content and price updates on your Shopify stores. Save time by automating repetitive tasks. Eliminate error-prone manual product catalog transfer and update processes. Go to market fast by seamlessly enriching product information and delivering it easily to eCommerce channels.

Unlock the power of agile merchandizing with StrikeTru’s secure and performant Akeneo Shopify Connector!



What’s New & Improved?

App Release Notes | Version 2.1.0

  • Sync product type with a simple dropdown in Shopify
  • Acknowledgment of T&C is mandatory to use the app
  • Enhanced backend data handling

Self-sufficient Connector

  • Product imports into Shopify initiated & managed within app
  • Leverages powerful Java Rest Services, Muti-threading, and GraphQL for data syncs
  • Data syncs can be scheduled or on-demand
  • Transfer collections, products, prices, and digital assets with a few clicks
  • Sync product data from a single PIM to multiple Shopify stores

Sync Data Structures, Products, Variants, Meta-Data & Images

  • Configure which products to import from Akeneo PIM by channel, completeness, updated date, etc.
  • Map PIM attributes to Shopify fields
  • Sync PIM product categories as collections in Shopify
  • Sync products, variants, options, and meta fields
  • Sync 1, 2, and 3-level PIM products into products and variants in Shopify
  • Sync images, image URLs, asset collections, and product visibility
  • Sync custom attributes as meta fields. Note: Currently we only support “text-area” type meta fields and sync up to 15 meta fields to Shopify
  • Send SEO information – page title, meta description, etc
  • Sync reference entities & related products (Version 3). We can deliver these and other features for your project on an accelerated timeline. Contact us.

Data Sync Error Reporting

  • Dashboard to monitor the progress of sync jobs
  • Check sync details like record type, sync status, sync counts, and errors
  • Review sync errors (e.g. missing name) and download error logs
  • If Shopify threshold or unknown API errors occur, failed products syncs are paused and retried automatically
  • Detailed logging (at 5 levels) to capture, report, and handle errors

Shopify PIM Reference Architecture



Screenshot Search App- S1
Screenshot Click on App - S2
Screenshot Subscribe - S3
Screenshot Connection - S4
Screenshot Data Filters - S5 (1)
Screenshot Product Mapping - S6
Screenshot Data Sync - S7
Screenshot Sync Status - S8 (1)
Screenshot Akeneo Vs Shopify- S9

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