Akeneo PIM Connector For BigCommerce

Get to market fast with this Akeneo PIM to BigCommerce connector, a robust integration app to sync all your product data from Akeneo PIM to the BigCommerce store. This is a single-click app that lets you manipulate volumes of complex product catalogs including product categories, attributes, product variants, images, and image URLs rapidly across shopping channels.

Product Data Flow from Akeneo PIM to BigCommerce

Akeneo PIM to BigCommerce Connector is compatible with Akeneo On-premise and Cloud Flexibility & Serenity editions (CE and EE v1.7 & higher)

Low investment and easy to install, this app allows you to import product data with a few clicks

This app combines the power of BigCommerce and Akeneo PIM APIs to make it quick and easy for you to transfer product data, assets, and metadata to sales channels

Connector Features


  • Available as a certified, single-click app in BigCommerce App Marketplace, simplifying installation and usage
  • Self-installs OAuth credentials and configures settings required by Akeneo PIM
  • Compatible with Akeneo On-prem and Cloud editions (CE and EE v1.7 & higher).


  • Product imports into BigCommerce initiated & managed within app
  • Leverages Akeneo PIM and BigCommerce APIs for data sync
  • One click to import product data


  • Configure products to import from PIM filtered by channel, completeness, update date, etc.
  • Map PIM attribute names to BC attribute names
  • Sync product categories, and valid lists of values from PIM
  • Import products, variant options, and modifier options
  • Sync images and image URLs, and product visibility


  • Detect import errors (no name, or category)
  • Send email reports
  • Detailed logging (at 5 levels) to capture, report, and handle errors

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  • Ad-hoc or Scheduled Sync
  • Product and product variations
  • Categories
  • Standard Attributes
  • Custom Attributes
  • Lists of Values
  • Images & Image URLs
  • Variant and Modifier Options


PIM credentials
What to import

App FAQs – Akeneo PIM Connector for BigCommerce

Find us on the Akeneo app marketplace, here.

Find us on the BigCommerce app marketplace, here.

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