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The BigCommerce V2-V3 Product Migration App helps store owners update their stores from BigCommerce V2 to V3 in a largely automated fashion. BigCommerce V3 products are set up very differently compared with V2 products. Currently, the process of migrating a store from BigCommerce V2 to V3 is manual and involves multiple specific steps. Needless to say, it can be time-consuming and error-prone.

The manual migration involves the following series of steps:

  1. Backup your V2 store
  2. Export V2 products into a CSV file
  3. Edit the spreadsheet to add V3 product options and SKUs:
    • Review product-specific options and SKUs
    • Identify target V3 option types (variant or modifier)
    • Identify products with configurable fields
    • Process product and option set rules. Compute SKU-specific values
    • Update SKUs (if they exist already)
    • Create SKUs (if they don’t exist already)
    • Create modifier rules
    • Create configurable fields as modifier options
    • Rebuild exception products (e.g. products with 600+ options)
  4. Put store in maintenance mode
  5. Disable Google Shopping, pause Google ad campaigns
  6. Delete or unlink shared V2 option sets and options
  7. Delete or unlink custom V2 option sets and options
  8. Delete configurable fields
  9. Update store to BigCommerce V3 product experience in the admin UI
  10. Enable Google shopping, resume Google ad campaigns
  11. Put store in active mode

Deleting custom option sets requires you to go to each product page to do it. Depending on the number of custom option sets, this can be a fairly tedious job. If the store has a lot of rules or if it hasn’t generated SKUs already or if there are a number of products with configurable fields, the manual migration process can be quite time-consuming. SKUs must be generated for V3 and V2 rules must be converted into V3 SKU-specific values. Depending on the number of product rules and options, this can also take a very long time. The whole process of exporting and importing products and options in BigCommerce requires know-how to avoid making costly mistakes.

If you don’t have that know-how or the time to learn how to do this right, or if you’re looking to speed up this migration and reduce your risk at the same time, this app is just right for you.

Imagine the lost sales if you have to spend days or more to migrate to BigCommerce V3 when the app could help you do that in a few hours.

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What’s New & Improved?

App Release Notes | Version 1.4

We just released the next version of the BigCommerce V2-V3 product migration app. It can now process Option Set Rules. Merchants or agencies that attempt to do a manual migration of a V2 store to V3 must process Option Set Rules manually as BigCommerce does not provide APIs or import/export mechanism for those rules.

Several merchants leverage Option Set Rules to apply price/weight/image/purchasability adjustments across a lot of products in bulk. While these rules save store owners time spent managing their catalog, migrating these rules from V2 to V3 is a very manual and painful process that prevents merchants from going to V3. With our latest release, Option Set Rules migration is automated that should encourage those merchants to migrate to V3.

Our latest release also delivers a higher performance migration for Enterprise clients thus minimizing their store downtime.

Upcoming Release!

Version 1.5

Single-Click App
  • Available as a single-click BigCommerce app
UI-Driven Migration Wizard
  • Multi-step guided migration process. Easy to use, minimal manual effort
  • Progress notifications and task completion messages every step of the way
Catalog Profiling Reports
  • Identifies detailed catalog characteristics. Provides visibility into migration effort
  • Helps validate migration results
  • Helps inform future data cleansing & optimizations
Detailed Reports
  • List of option sets
  • List of options
  • List of products, SKUs, and options used to generate SKUs
  • List of products, rules, and options involved in rules
  • List of products with configurable fields
  • List of products with 600+ options
  • List of products with unequal SKU options
  • List of products with complex rules
Exception Products & Configurable Fields Identification
  • Identifies exception products (600+ options, inconsistent SKUs, complex rules, etc)
  • Identifies and deletes configurable fields (a prerequisite for the upgrade to V3)
  • Helps rebuild exception products prior to the actual migration
  • Helps rebuild configurable fields as product modifiers
  • Facilitates loss less migration
Preview V2-V3 Conversion Results
  • Recreates V2 options as V3 options
    • Converts V2 options used in SKU generation into V3 variant options
    • Converts V2 options not used in SKU generation into V3 modifier options
    • Converts V2 Product List options involved in SKU generation into V3 dropdown options
  • Recreates V2 SKUs as V3 SKUs
  • Generates adjusted SKU values (price, weight, image, purchasability) based on V2 rules
  • Converts configurable fields into modifier options
  • Helps visualize products in V3 format prior to the actual migration
  • Automated migration of V2 store into V3
  • Fast & scalable. Reduces cost and complexity
  • Minimizes store downtime

Read our customer success story featuring Fantom Wallet to find out how they minimized the risk and downtime by automating their BigCommerce V2 store to V3 migration using our app.


Automate migration of BigCommerce stores from V2 to V3
Reduce cost, complexity, and time involved in a manual V2-V3 migration process
Leverage BigCommerce V3 features now like MSF, MLI, faster APIs, etc.

Take advantage of StrikeTru’s expert data services and solutions for additional benefits (product data architecture optimization, PIM, DAM, eCommerce, and data connectors, etc.)

How It Works?


Store Eligibility

Your BigCommerce V2 store may not be currently eligible for migration to V3 using our app if:

You have products without SKUs

In the next version of our app, we will handle these scenarios also. Please contact us for more details.


T & C
V2 Options as V3 Variant Options_Changed
V2 Options as V3 Modifier Options_Changed
V2 SKUs as V3 Variant SKUs_Changed_1
V2 Rule_V3 Variants_V.14
Configurable Fields as Modifier Options in V3_Changed
Exception Products_Changed

Product Roadmap

Features Version 1.5
Generate SKUs if they don’t exist

Why Choose StrikeTru?


StrikeTru Is A BigCommerce Trusted Partner.

StrikeTru is a deep expert at eCommerce Data Migration projects, and extreme automation is a key component of our approach to data migrations. With our advanced pre-built migration tool, you can jump-start your BigCommerce V2-V3 migration process so your digital transformation programs get off to a quick start and not get stuck in lengthy, expensive, and disruptive data migration projects. 

  • Deep domain expertise in data and eCommerce domains
  • Significant experience working with BigCommerce merchants
  • Provider of multiple BigCommerce data migration solutions (including V2 to V3 Store Migration, MSF Migration, BigCommerce to Akeneo PIM Data Migration, and Akeneo PIM to BigCommerce Data Sync Connector)
  • End-to-end delivery capabilities (technology, data, and commerce)
  • High-touch training and support

To see how the BigCommerce V2-V3 Product Migration App works, request a demo now!

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BigCommerce V2 – V3 Product Migration App – FAQs

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