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StrikeTru is a digital services firm helping small and mid-sized companies grow their eCommerce sales. From product data collection, to product information management, to product data syndication, StrikeTru is a one-stop-shop for affordable cloud-based product data solutions. 

A typical day at StrikeTru is about, ‘Let’s solve this together’ with brainstorming and collaboration through the day, although bursts of laughter are not uncommon as well.

Our motto: work hard, play hard, work hard again.


Whether it was authentically getting behind a combined passion for commerce & technology a decade ago or spearheading an early-stage startup to success, the founders of StrikeTru are poised for growth.



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Vik Gundoju, Partner

Vik is an accomplished technology and commerce entrepreneur having spent the last two decades realizing work for some well-known Fortune 1000 and eCommerce companies such as Bed Bath & Beyond, Schneider Electric, SHOP.COM, ScanSource, Saint Gobain, Nordstrom, Citigroup, and Teva Pharmaceuticals. He has been responsible for deploying successful enterprise information management solutions way before digital and customer experience replaced eCommerce. He still works on projects of all shapes and sizes, and has earned a reputation for deploying high-innovation, tech-led solutions on rapid timelines. Outside of work, Vik can be found catching the latest episode of Planet Earth with his twins.


Harry Singh, Partner

Harry first joined StrikeTru as an advisor becoming a full-time partner in 2015, changing our story from advancing to pivoting. An entrepreneur and senior leader in technology, he loves meeting clients challenged by information & data management complexities to help them implement business-changing strategy. Previously a Director at Riversand Technologies, he applies his industry-wide knowledge to marketplace-needs with ninja-like agility. With over 20 years of business consulting experience in architecture, Integration, Information Management across industry verticals, he wears many hats. Outside of work, Harry can be found in the great outdoors.


Deb Basak, Delivery Lead

Deb is a highly motivated, seasoned delivery lead with a rich experience spanning 19 years in project management and quality assurance across various sectors such as telecom, shipping and e-commerce. Having worked with giants like IBM and American Bureau of Shipping, Deb is well-versed in project management methodologies, risk management, project planning, team building, communication, and technical implementations of software projects. Deb has a unique perspective on project work resulting in the successful execution of numerous projects from a delivery standpoint that rely on collaboration between internal and external stakeholders, ensuring project resolution is smooth-sailing from start to finish. When he’s not advising on project delivery, he can be seen playing/watching cricket and passionately following Formula 1’s Sergio Perez in the driving seat.


Sri Reddy, India Operations

Sri brings 20+ years of experience in Management and Operations across various domains such as automobiles, manufacturing, wholesale and ecommerce. As India Operations Director, Sri oversees India based operational aspects of the company strategy, helps set strategic goals and is responsible for the flow of operations information across the company.


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