smallPIM – our flagship offering

StrikeTru’s smallPIM is an affordable, flexible, fast to deploy SaaS PIM solution powered by Akeneo PIM Community Edition

The smallest cloud PIM solution for exceptional eCommerce.

Why should you go for the smallest product information management solution in the market? Because migrating to the cloud has never been this easy – on your operations & your resources.   

StrikeTru offers a SaaS PIM that gives you flexibility, scalability and accessibility by consolidating all your product content & digital assets on to a single platform giving your entire organization a centralized view of high-quality product data. Our top priority is for customers to take control of their product content so they can focus on boosting eCommerce environments and generating more revenue. In the age of same-day shipping and same-day delivery, you need enterprise-wide visibility over complex product data to deliver current and consistently great product experiences across your sales channels, every single time.

smallPIM is fully hosted, customizable, agile and affordable – it specializes in helping retailers, distributors and manufacturers capitalize on cloud capabilities by making their product data work harder. What are the tangible benefits of our cloud based infrastructure? Modernized workflows, automated processes, reduced redundancy, quick ROI, easy access from anywhere anytime & maximized marketing impact.    

Cloud is driving digital transformation. That’s why you need a solution provider with deep domain and technical expertise in product information management best practices, cloud implementations, and complimentary partner solutions to accelerate your growth.

With smallPIM, you get streamlined product data management, competitive eCommerce environments, and your customers get the seamless shopping experience they expect.

Why smallPIM


Get all features of the popular Akeneo Community Edition PIM, plus a variety of turnkey extensions / plugins to boost your eCommerce environment.


Hosting, backup and recovery, performance management and optimization, expert deployment and customer support services.


Free and timely upgrades to ensure you can leverage latest features.


Leverage affordable StrikeTru solution packages and avoid expensive investments on on-premise infrastructure, PIM dev and support staff.


Launch PIM in weeks not months.

Frequently Asked Questions :

  • I use a traditional on-premise behind the firewall PIM today. Can I switch to cloud PIM?

Absolutely. Legacy systems just aren’t built to address the challenges of today’s ecommerce landscape. smallPIM cloud edition is a robust, secure and stable PIM solution delivered in a cloud-enabled infrastructure for a low risk, hassle-free experience.

  • Am I restricted to a particular cloud provider like AWS?

No, you can pick any cloud provider of your choice.

  • How do I access my internal (behind the firewall) applications?

There are options. You can directly connect with your on-premise applications. Or you can establish a dedicated VPN connection between your network and the cloud. In this case cloud infrastructure becomes an extension of your network.

  • How do I integrate my cloud PIM with my e-commerce platform/provider?

smallPIM comes with a pre-built connector for common e-commerce platforms like Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, Salesforce and others.

  •  My data volume is big (say more than 100 K records), can I still use cloud PIM?

Data volume was a limiting factor in the past for cloud PIM, but today you can store & manage hundreds and thousands of SKUs in the cloud. A key feature of cloud based PIM is to have a flexible disk option where disk space allocation can be increased dynamically.

  • I am a small –medium (SMB) retailer with many internal spreadsheets. Is cloud PIM suitable for me?

Yes. A cloud PIM provides you with a single platform that manages your product content from onboarding to syndication. One of the key benefits it offers to SMBs is freedom from messy spreadsheets and efficiently managed product data at a low total cost of ownership.

  • What are the compatible proprietary & third party extensions?

PIM Extensions

Data Connectors & Other Solutions

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