smallPIM FAQs

  • What is smallPIM by StrikeTru?

smallPIM is an affordable SaaS PIM solution powered by Akeneo’s open source PIM Community Edition and backed by StrikeTru’s expert deployment ,extensions and customer support services. It is a fully managed service that is ideal for budget-conscious eCommerce merchants, brands, retailers, small businesses that are looking for a low-cost PIM to solve their product catalog problems.

  • Do I need a centralized product information database for 150 products?

Sure you have the option of piecing together your product information and digital assets from excel files and shared drives but there’s no denying that even a 100 product catalog can create expensive operational pains that negatively impact sales and customer experience. We strongly believe that whether its a big or small business, legacy systems are grossly inadequate for merchants that want to deliver accurate, informative contextualized content, anything from pricing to product details to inventory to order status.

  • Is smallPIM for small-sized businesses only?

No, smallPIM is designed to help brands, retailers, distributors and manufacturers of all sizes to leverage the benefits of powerful data management and enable eCommerce growth. Whatever size merchant you are, if your content management is an excel nightmare and its effecting productivity and customer experience, smallPIM is for you. smallPIM can handle few thousands to million plus SKUs.

  • Why is it called smallPIM?

We named it smallPIM because it is the smallest SaaS based PIM of its kind – light, painless and ready-to-go. You can say that it does a lot for you with minimum hassle! Packed with turnkey features, pre-configured, low-cost, fully-hosted and managed, customizable and affordable, smallPIM can be launched in weeks, not months.

  • Are free upgrades included? Will I be eligible for newly released features?

Yes, we offer free and timely upgrades so you can leverage the latest features.

  • What is the implementation time for smallPIM?

We can set up smallPIM for your business within a few weeks.

  • Can I set up product feeds to different marketplaces?

Yes, you can build product feeds within a single smallPIM instance. We offer feed management, product content syndication and marketplace integration connectors as part of our Starter and Professional packages. Check out our Tech Partners here. 

  • Can I use smallPIM to import product images?

Yes you can! smallPIM comes pre-configured with a robust DAM connector which enables you to import digital assets including rich media into your central repository.

  • Do I have to manage the configuration, deployment and data migration?

Absolutely not!  That’s what makes smallPIM different from other PIM solutions available in the market today. You get powerful data management PLUS data migration, fully managed services like hosting, backup and recovery, performance management and optimization, expert deployment and customer support services.

  • Is there a limit on the number of SKUs I can upload?

That depends on which package you choose. Check out our affordable PIM pricing page.

  • Can I get a free trial?

Yes! We offer a 14-day risk free trial and 20% off if you opt for a 3-year package.

  • I use a legacy on-premise product data management today. Can I switch to smallPIM?

Absolutely. Legacy data management systems just aren’t built to address the challenges of today’s eCommerce landscape. smallPIM cloud edition is a robust, secure and stable PIM solution delivered in a cloud-enabled infrastructure for a low risk, hassle-free experience and best-practice based data management for eCommerce.

  • How do I integrate smallPIM with my e-commerce platform/provider?

smallPIM is based on Akeneo open source community PIM and comes with a pre-built connector for common eCommerce platforms like Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, Salesforce and others.

  • My data volume is big (say more than 100 K records), can I still use smallPIM?

Data volume is often a limiting factor with legacy systems, but today you can store & manage hundreds of thousands of SKUs in the cloud in our smallPIM solution. A key feature of cloud-based PIM like smallPIM is to have an expandable storage option to handle large product data counts.

  • I am a small–medium (SMB) Retailer with many internal spreadsheets. Is smallPIM suitable for me?

Yes, it is ideal. smallPIM provides you with a single solution that manages your all product data processes from on-boarding raw product data to syndicating enriched product content to marketplaces. The key benefit it offers is freedom from messy spreadsheets, efficient management of product data, and a low total cost of ownership.

  • What are the compatible proprietary & third party extensions?

PIM Extensions

Data Connectors & Other Solutions

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