StrikeTru PIM Extensions

Featured PIM Extensions by StrikeTru

With our extensions for PIM, you can add useful product content management features. These are designed to help you create, manage, and publish high quality content more efficiently.

Email Reports: Product Change Report, Missing Data Report, Failed Import Report, etc.

Email Alerts: Monitor actionable content changes (e.g. price or inventory status change), and send out custom email alerts.

Swatch & Brand Logo Manager: Auto-assign swatches & brand logos to SKUs in bulk using rules.

Enrichment Rules: To auto-generate consistent titles, descriptions, URLs, etc.

Complex Kit Management: Build, manage complex kit configurations and related costing logic.

Custom PDF: Generate product data PDFs based on specific templates for custom requirements (e.g. product review and release approval form, technical data sheet, etc.)

URL & Thumbnail Generation: Auto generate product specific digital asset URLs and image thumbnails. Avoid errors due to manual keying in of URLs, and ensure digital assets are in place prior to product release. Thumbnails can serve as a visual quality control check during product setup and release processes.

Published Price Management: Calculate and display product category and country specific prices published on the web and other channels. Account for exchange rates, rounding rules, and other rules such as whether or not to include VAT in published prices.

Seasonal Catalogs: Manage seasonal attributes at a separate level in the entity hierarchy (e.g. Model -> Color -> Season -> Size). Eliminates data duplication and re-keying. Simplifies data management by season.

SKU Rollup and Explosion: Automatically roll up imported SKUs into parent entities. For e.g. roll up size SKUs into parent (color) and grand parent (style) entities. Conversely, automatically explode products into its variations (e.g. explode styles into color and size entities) either in PIM or during export to channels.

Business Rule Automations: For example, disable SKU when out of stock, expire assets when a SKU is discontinued, schedule a future price change, auto categorize products, auto associate cross-sell compatible products, etc.

Custom Reference Data Management: Manage non-product entities (e.g. Suppliers, Pricing Groups, etc.) as reference data. Model them as product attributes (for example, to link a product to its Supplier) to avoid duplicating common business data, and simplify data exports.

Akeneo2GlobalLinkA Translation Connector developed by StrikeTru that enables users to simplify management of multilingual content. The connector seamlessly integrates Akeneo PIM with’s GlobalLink┬« Product Suite to create a streamlined workflow for the translation of content stored within the PIM platform.