Widen (an Acquia company) DAM Connector for Akeneo PIM



If you’re a typical PIM customer, you must be selling hundreds or thousands of products via one or more channels. Each of your products likely has a variety of digital assets – images (silos, environmentals, lifestyle, 3D etc), videos, product sheets (warranty, assembly instructions, safety sheets, etc.), and more. Assuming you are using a DAM system like Widen (an Acquia company), preparing and transferring digital assets into PIM, linking them to applicable products and variants, and synchronizing them to multiple digital channels is often a manual and error-prone process that can lead to negative impact on digital customer experiences and sales.

Bridge this gap and ensure product data is harmonized with your digital assets. Our Widen DAM Connector for Akeneo PIM is designed to align your asset operations with your product data operations and give you full control of your omnichannel product listings for improved sales and customer experiences.

StrikeTru’s fully integrated Widen Connector for Akeneo PIM creates an automatic sync between Akeneo PIM and Widen (an Acquia company DAM. Sync product images & videos, 3D product images, product sheets, product swatches, brand logos, category images, and more from Widen DAM to Akeneo PIM. It also supports a reverse sync that transfers key product information from Akeneo PIM into Widen DAM to minimize manual data entry of asset meta-data (product ID, brand, category, etc), and can enable efficient asset operations (search, enrich, update, expire, delete, etc.) in Widen DAM.

App Workflow

Connect Widen (an Acquia company) DAM with Akeneo PIM to Streamline Marketing Asset Creation and Distribution to Digital Channels!


Powerful PIM and DAM integration for truly scalable eCommerce growth.

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Self-sufficient & Scalable Architecture

  • The connector is highly flexible, tightly integrated, and user friendly
  • Leverages powerful Java Rest Services and APIs for faster asset synchronization
  • Easy to use and modern UI for better user experience

Comprehensive Bi-Directional Synchronization

  • Widen Asset transfer into Akeneo PIM is initiated & managed within the connector
  • Sync product and variant assets, brand assets, and category assets from PIM to DAM
  • Sync asset types like product images & videos, product sheets, brand logos, 3D images, swatches, PDFs and more into Akeneo PIM automatically
  • Sync key product information from PIM like brand, category, color, size, shape, product vendor, collection, etc. back to Widen DAM
  • Sync either the asset file or the image URL to Akeneo PIM
  • Sync a Widen asset to multiple products or product models in Akeneo PIM in one shot (i.e. one to many sync)
  • Consolidate multiple Widen assets of a given asset type (e.g. 5 “Silo” images) into one attribute (Asset collection or TextArea Attribute) in Akeneo PIM

Extensive Filteration & Mapping

  • Create a robust API connection between Widen DAM and Akeneo PIM
  • Configure what assets to import from Widen by specifying filters including product identifiers, last updated date, asset categories, asset groups, asset type, and other metadata
  • Map Widen metafields to Akeneo PIM product properties
  • Migrate assets based on asset type (i.e SKU assets, product assets, category assets, brand assets, and gallery assets)
  • Specify a limit on the number of assets to be transferred per sync for testing purposes

Highly Automated

  • Transfer assets on-demand or on a scheduled basis
  • Upon discontinuing a product in PIM, expire related assets in Widen DAM
  • Upon discontinuing a product in PIM, restrict asset usage in Widen DAM
  • Auto-expires assets in DAM based on product data in Akeneo PIM

Error Reporting

  • Sync job monitoring and error reporting dashboard
  • Email reporting of asset errors (bad filenames, insufficient attributes in PIM, sync issues, etc.)

Depending on your needs, we can customize the connectors.


Minimize cost and complexity involved in product/eCommerce digital asset management operations
Automate manual efforts that are typical in asset management and asset optimization operations
Enhance your customer experience by delivering high-quality & consistent product content across digital channels at scale
Avoid costly product listing errors that cause returns and respond to market needs faster
Make your products highly discoverable for your customers & teams
Make your new & existing product content eCommerce ready faster
Leverages Widen & Akeneo APIs for faster asset synchronization

Transfer digital assets managed in Widen DAM into Akeneo PIM, link those assets to products and variants in Akeneo PIM, enrich assets in DAM with product information retrieved from Akeneo PIM, and expire digital assets in DAM for discontinued products.

All with Widen DAM Connector for Akeneo PIM


T & C
Config (Mappings)
Assets in Widen DAM
Assets imported from Widen DAM into Akeneo PIM
Data in Akeneo PIM (i.e. Metadata for Assets in DAM)
Asset Metadata in Widen DAM (Sourced from Akeneo PIM)
Product on Website (After Product Sync from PIM)

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