Data Connectors and Other Solutions

Akeneo PIM Connector for Shopify: Enable omnichannel and speed go-to -market with Akeneo PIM Connector for Shopify. This connector efficiently synchronizes Akeneo PIM and Shopify platforms. PIM will centralize & manage product catalog data systematically while Akeneo<>Shopify connector will enable you to easily export and import catalog data between Akeneo PIM and Shopify store. Shopify users have to simply deploy a link to Akeneo PIM to reduce the cost & complexity involved in product information management and product data transfer processes. Users can send, receive & filter product data including images, categories, variants, SEO, and lots more.

Akeneo PIM Connector for BigCommerce: Robust integration connector app to sync all your product data from Akeneo PIM to the BigCommerce store. This is a single-click app that lets you manipulate high-volume, complex product catalogs including product categories, supply chain, marketing and other attributes, product variants, list of values, product images, and SEO information quickly and easily across shopping channels. Similarly, Akeneo PIM users can install the user-friendly connector to automate repetitive website update tasks and save time.

MediaValet DAM Connector for Akeneo PIM: StrikeTru’s MediaValet DAM Connector for Akeneo PIM is a robust integration that automatically transfers digital assets managed in MediaValet DAM into Akeneo PIM, accurately links them to product SKUs, and finally syncs the data across digital channels. It bridges the gap between your product data and rich media by creating an automatic sync between metadata and taxonomy stored in your PIM and DAM, enabling brands to deliver highly shoppable eCommerce experiences by bringing PIM<>DAM under one roof.

Industry Solutions: Furniture PIM, Distribution PIM. Include industry data structures, governance and business rules, & extensions. Best practices, reduced deployment risk, saves time and money.

Supplier Portal Connector: Auto-transfer product data, metadata, and assets from Supplier Portal (Vesta or SPS Commerce) into PIM (Akeneo or Riversand)

B2B Data Connectors: Automate B2B product data transfer from 3rd parties (AD, ORS-Nasco, SMO, Essendant, Orgill) to refresh and augment data in your internal systems (PIM, ERP, eCommerce).

Akeneo Cloud Connector for Digital Asset Management: This connector allows Akeneo users to quickly deploy a link to AWS, Google, or Azure cloud storage and CDN services, and automate manual and repetitive digital asset tasks. Assets are centralized in cloud storage, images optimized for sales channels, assets transferred into PIM, linked to the right products, and distributed to Content Delivery Networks (CDNs).

Nuxeo / Widen DAM Connector for PIM: Auto-transfer product assets from Widen or Nuxeo DAM into Akeneo or Riversand PIM. Transfer key data from PIM into DAM to enable search and bulk asset operations. Expire assets when a SKU is discontinued.

Translation Connector: Connect PIM with’s GlobalLink platform to automate localization of high-volume product data managed in PIM.

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