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Productsup is a cloud-based solution for managing product feeds. It enables companies to take complete control of their product content flow and maximize returns. With the Productsup platform, businesses can easily integrate and structure product content from any source as well as tailor and distribute customized feeds to thousands of shopping, marketing, and business channels. 

StrikeTru makes this process even easier, supporting the flow from PIM solution to feed customization, distribution, and beyond. Content is easily optimized for the specific nature of each target channel and its audiences, driving up interactions. This will not only improve product launches and customer experience but also increases the number of digital channels your company can sell on.

PIM solution to feed customization, distribution, and beyond. - Striketru


  • Marketplace Integration
    • Syndicate product content to marketplaces such as Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, Rakuten,
  • Search Engine Integration
    • Syndicate product content to search engines like Baidu, Bing, Google Shopping
  • Retargeting Integration
    • Create product feeds for retargeting networks like Criteo, Sociomantic, AdRoll
  • Retailer Integration
    • Syndicate Product content to retailers like Metro group, Kroger, Target, Sears, Walmart, Walgreens
  • Comparison Shopping Integration
    • Syndicate Product content to sites like, Ideolo, Nextag, Pricesearcher, Pricegrabber
  • SAP Hybris connection
    • Use Productsup’s highly visual data mapping tool to quickly map content from your SAP Hybris to syndication channels like Amazon, Walmart, Google or any custom export
  • Channel Readiness
    • Analyze your product content for channel readiness. Productsup has prebuilt channel readiness tests for 1,500+ syndication partners
  • Order Orchestration
    • Automate the creation of channel-specific orders in ERP, and send order status and tracking data back to the channels

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