Integrated PIM and DAM - FAQS

  • What is Product Information Management (PIM)?
    • A Product Information Management (PIM) solution is a tool that provides a single place to collect, manage, and enrich your product data, create and distribute your product catalogs, to various sales channels like ecommerce platforms & online marketplaces. A PIM solution makes it easy to get to market faster with high-quality data for compelling customer experiences.
  • What is Digital Asset Management (DAM)?
    • A Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution is a system used for creating a systematic record of all your digital assets (photos, videos, graphics, PDFs, templates, and other digital content) that is easy to find, use & reuse across the organization. A DAM helps centralize, store, organize and distribute digital assets efficiently and quickly.
  • Why do I need both PIM and DAM?
    • A DAM tool can optimize digital workflows for a consistent brand presence and high-quality product content. A PIM is designed to easily collect, enrich and optimize product information so marketers can focus on growing product assortments & responding to market trends fast. Existing PIM or DAM users aren’t able to fully optimize for omnichannel commerce due to the lack of integration between the two platforms. Integrating PIM and DAM means:
    • your brand & products are jumping off the digital shelf,
    • lowering the cost of content delivery throughout the content lifecycle and
    • delivering exceptional multi-channel commerce experiences.
  • What’s the difference between Product Information Management (PIM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems?
    • PIM handles product information. DAM handles digital assets. The difference between the two systems is: A DAM system stores & manages your digital assets, e.g. images and videos, brand content like logos, related to your products. A PIM system allows you to store, manage and distribute these digital assets and product information to ecommerce channels.
  • When to implement a Product Information Management (PIM) Solution?
    • A PIM solution is ideal for retailers, manufacturers & distributors B2B and B2C who want to grow their online sales by streamlining their data management processes, growing product and channel assortments with high quality product experiences.
  • When to implement a DAM Solution?
    • A DAM solution is best suited for organizations that are dealing with a high volume of digital assets and need a central location to store them where they can be easily accessed by a range of stakeholders—both internal and external.
  • Do you offer a free trial?
    • Yes, we offer a 14-Day risk free trial! Contact us to get started.
  • What are your pricing plans?
    • Check out our affordable pricing plans here. To get actual pricing information as per your use-case, contact us for more.

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