MediaValet DAM Connector for Akeneo PIM

Seamlessly synchronize MediaValet DAM with Akeneo PIM under one roof for accelerated omnichannel commerce.

Deliver highly shoppable eCommerce experiences with PIM-DAM under one roof! StrikeTru’s fully integrated MediaValet DAM (the fastest, easiest and most secure cloud DAM on the planet!) Connector for Akeneo PIM (#1 Enterprise open source PIM) bridges the gap between your product data and rich media by creating an automatic sync between metadata and taxonomy stored in your PIM and DAM.

Mediavalet DAM connector for akeneo PIM architecture - Striketru

This tightly integrated PIM<>DAM connector is designed to minimize the cost and complexity of manual data entry, eliminate content silo headaches, enable efficient asset operations within DAM, speed time to market and give you full control of your omnichannel media assets for better sales and customer experience.

This robust connector forges a tight integration between the two systems, leveraging full-feature digital asset management and product information management capabilities for creative (DAM) and marketing (PIM) teams to:

  • simplify tedious asset management operations
  • make your product content eCommerce ready
  • bring new products to market faster
  • make your product highly discoverable
  • minimize the cost and complexity of manual data entry
  • eliminate content silo headaches
  • deliver better product experiences
  • drive conversions and sales

The connector is compatible with all Akeneo PIM editions – Community, Growth, Enterprise (On-Premise, Cloud Flexibility, and Cloud Serenity) and StrikeTru’s smallPIM. 


Make your product content more findable, recognizable and useful – Avoid content silos and manual headaches by leveraging unique identifiers that both MediaValet DAM and Akeneo PIM can reference when enriching content

Deliver better product experiences – Deliver high-quality consistent product content like high-resolution video, 3D imagery, lifestyle images, 360-degree image spins, comparison charts, PDF downloads etc. with increased cross pollination of product data and digital assets across internal teams

Bring new products to market faster – Avoid costly product listing errors that cause returns and respond to market needs faster by holistically managing product data, rich media and branded content across channels at scale

Connector Benefits


  • Auto transfer rich media assets and metadata systematically between MediaValet and Akeneo
  • Sync multiple asset types into Akeneo PIM – Images, Videos, Product Sheets, Brand Logos, 3D images, Swatches, PDFs
  • Minimize manual data entry of asset metadata Leverage version control to ensure everyone is on the same page


  • Offer enriched SEO optimized product pages for engaging customer experiences
  • Automated data processes with powerful workflows that improve time to market for new products
  • Drive conversions by placing the right content at the right place at the right time


  • Highly flexible, scalable, tightly integrated, and easily deployed
  • Compatible with all Akeneo editions – Enterprise, Community, Cloud Flexibility, and Cloud Serenity
  • Robust combination of MediaValet DAM and Akeneo PIM APIs for easy upkeep and migration to latest versions
  • Accelerate the shift to omnichannel commerce and win on the digital shelf

Asset missing in Akeneo PIM - Striketru
Asset transferred to Akeneo PIM using MediaValet DAM connector - Striketru

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