BigCommerce Multi-Storefront (MSF) Migration Service



The BigCommerce Multi-Storefront (MSF) Migration Service helps store owners simplify and streamline the migration of one or more BigCommerce stores into a Multi-Storefront (MSF).

MSF stores are required to use the BigCommerce v3 Product Import/Export experience, and v3 REST APIs for Catalog, Customers, and more. See a full list of requirements here. Most BigCommerce store owners are on v2 product experience and must rebuild their products in order to migrate to v3. Consolidating catalog data from multiple stores into MSF requires mapping and merging product data in addition to rebuilding product options. Needless to say, this can be a tedious and disruptive process.

Currently, the process of migrating to MSF is a manual and time-consuming process. We use pre-existing tools to automate the migration of products, categories, prices, inventory, themes, landing pages, blog posts, and other content from multiple stores into a single MSF store. Our service combines the power of a PIM tool and existing data connectors to reduce the cost and complexity inherent in these migrations. The service extracts and transforms store data and provides visibility and control of the overall MSF migration process. For more ambitious enterprises, the PIM tool leveraged during the migration process can be converted into a long-term master data solution that can help leapfrog their product data management and eCommerce capabilities and future-proof their business.

If you’re looking to declutter and speed up the migration of your BigCommerce stores to MSF, this app is just right for you.



  • Brought to you by StrikeTru, a leading data and migration expert
  • Migrates Categories, Products, Digital Assets, Prices, Inventory, Customers, Orders, Themes, Web Pages, Blogs, and Email Templates.
  • Leverages pre-existing tech tools – smallPIM (based on Akeneo PIM Community Edition), BigCommerce to Akeneo Migration Tool, and Akeneo PIM Connector for BigCommerce
  • BigCommerce to Akeneo Migration Tool transfers BigCommerce data into smallPIM
  • smallPIM consolidates all store data (Catalog, Customers, etc.) in an intuitive tool that facilitates audit, cleansing, enrichment, review and approval, and publishing
  • Akeneo PIM Connector for BigCommerce automates store data transfer to MSF
  • Handles all nuances of transferring v2 product options into v3 format


  • Speed up BigCommerce store’s migration to Multi-Storefront (MSF)
  • Reduce the cost and complexity involved in an otherwise manual MSF migration process
  • Start leveraging the benefits of BigCommerce MSF stores quickly
  • Accelerate your digital transformation and growth initiatives
  • Lean on StrikeTru’s expert data services and solutions for additional benefits (including data model optimizations, data enrichments, PIM, DAM, eCommerce, and data connectors)

Why Choose StrikeTru?

StrikeTru is a deep expert at eCommerce Data Migration projects, and extreme automation is a key component of our approach to data migrations. With our advanced pre-built migration tool, you can jump-start your BigCommerce V2-V3 migration process so your digital transformation programs get off to a quick start and not get stuck in lengthy and expensive data migration projects. 

  • Deep domain expertise in data and eCommerce industry 
  • Significant experience working with BigCommerce merchants
  • Multiple BigCommerce data migration solutions (including V2 to V3 Store Migration, MSF Migration, BigCommerce to PIM Data Migration, and PIM to BigCommerce Data Sync Connector)
  • End-to-end delivery capabilities (Technology, Data, and Commerce)
  • High-touch training and support

To see how the BigCommerce Multi-Storefront (MSF) Migration Service works, request a demo now!

For pricing and other information, please contact us.

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