Vesta helps remove overwhelming barriers to manually aggregating product data from suppliers, giving you more complete and accurate product information to seamlessly flow into your PIM and/or eCommerce platforms. 

With Vesta, StrikeTru can help automate product data collection from suppliers and update your PIM and eCommerce systems continuously. This will save hours of manual work, help increase SKU and attribute counts, and bring new products to market faster. 


  • Collect
    • Setup automated workflows to collect product data from each supplier continuously over time through a self-service upload feature, or API connection from a supplier, or scraping from a supplier’s website
  • Cleanse
    • Map, transform, and merge incoming data into a normalized format. Perform validation checks and highlight errors such as missing fields, incorrect formats, or duplicates. 
  • Connect
    • Through API, clean product content can flow directly and continuously into your PIM or eCommerce system. Onboard new products, update existing products with new information direct from supplier, adjust prices and stock levels, and update product availability. 

Vesta integrates with all major PIM and eCommerce platforms including BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce and Jasper.

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