Rich Product Content for a leading Consumer Electronics Distributor’s eBusiness

Rich Product Content for a leading Consumer Electronics Distributor’s eBusiness



A leading US distributor of consumer electronics, mobile audio/video, custom installation, and appliance connection supplies, this company needed rich product content to support its eBusiness growth strategy

Having experienced significant success selling to large customers like Amazon and BestBuy through the traditional EDI channel, this company wanted to grow sales via its many small and medium sized resellers. Critical to this strategy was a best-in-class ecommerce operation that provided rich and timely product content to the company’s e-commerce customers. To develop this capability, this company was implementing an Akeneo PIM system, and needed to capture and provide rich product content that would directly impact e-commerce and other channel sales.

This company approached StrikeTru to identify and address gaps in its organizational product data and meta-data. After assessing the data, StrikeTru recognized the need to develop a proper catalog structure (product hierarchy, product categories and attribute schemas, lists of values), classify existing products, and build out granular, rich product content including specifications, images, and PDF collateral documents. By working closely with the company, StrikeTru developed best practice based catalog data structures, built out rich product data, and delivered those to help populate the Akeneo PIM system which powered the company’s ecommerce and other channels.

In a short period of time, the company obtained rich and granular product content to support its ecommerce and PIM strategy. A revamped and modern e-commerce website with rich product content was launched shortly after StrikeTru’s engagement ended. To further assist the company’s commitment to a PIM strategy, StrikeTru provided consulting around PIM best practices related to data management organization structure, roles and responsibilities, PIM business use cases, and system implementation and road mapping.