Affordable PIM Solution for eCommerce

StrikeTru’s smallPIM is an affordable, flexible, fast to deploy SaaS PIM solution powered by Akeneo PIM Community Edition

The smallest cloud PIM solution for exceptional eCommerce.

StrikeTru offers a SaaS PIM that gives you flexibility, scalability and accessibility by consolidating all your product content & digital assets on to a single platform giving your entire organization a centralized view of high-quality product data. Our top priority is for customers to take control of their product content so they can focus on boosting eCommerce environments and generating more revenue. In the age of same-day shipping and same-day delivery, you need enterprise-wide visibility over complex product data to deliver current and consistently great product experiences across your sales channels, every single time.

Key Benefits

End-to-end solution: Not just software, an end-to-end PIM solution with ERP and eCommerce integration (ERP + PIM + Ecom)

Powerful data management: All features of popular Akeneo Open Source PIM Community Edition. Easy upgrade to Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition

Free extensions: Product change reports, Cloud Connector for Digital Assets, Image thumbnail preview, SKU title generator, Workflow

Discounted extensions: 20% off on StrikeTru extensions (BigCommerce, Widen, GlobalLink, Vesta, Affiliated Distributors, and other connectors)

Expert deployment services: Best practices in product data management with discounted rates

Quick start: Launch PIM as early as 4-5 weeks

Data services: (Optional) Product data collection, cleansing, enrichment, onboarding, and syndication

Fully-managed services: Hosting, backup & recovery, performance management & optimization

Scalable: No limit on user and publishing channel counts

Phone support services: 24 x 7. Uncapped. High-touch. High-quality

Free software updates: Upto 4 times a year

Industry data models: Furniture, Industrial, Distribution and more

Low cost of ownership: No expensive investments in IT infrastructure and/or staff

smallPIM is fully hosted, customizable, agile and affordable – it specializes in helping retailers, distributors and manufacturers capitalize on cloud capabilities by making their product data work harder. What are the tangible benefits of our cloud based infrastructure? Modernized workflows, automated processes, reduced redundancy, quick ROI, easy access from anywhere anytime & maximized marketing impact.    

Cloud is driving digital transformation. That’s why you need a solution provider with deep domain and technical expertise in product information management best practices, cloud implementations, and complementary partner solutions to accelerate your growth.

With smallPIM, you get streamlined product data management, competitive eCommerce environments, and your customers get the seamless shopping experience they expect.

Why smallPIM

Powerful Data Management

Get all features of the popular Akeneo Community Edition PIM, plus a variety of turnkey extensions/plugins to boost your eCommerce environment.

Fully Managed Services

Hosting, backup and recovery, performance management and optimization, expert deployment, and customer support services.

Costless Upgrades & Low TCO

Leverage affordable StrikeTru solution packages and avoid expensive investments in on-premise infrastructure, PIM dev, and support staff. Free and timely upgrades to ensure you can leverage the latest features.

Early Launch

With StrikeTru’s accelerated approach to deployment, you can launch PIM in weeks not months.

Simplified PIM Integration for Ecommerce

Try our fully integrated, end-to-end smallPIM for eCommerce solution with pre-configured modules to automate manual processes, increase productivity, create, manage & distribute high-quality product content across digital sales channels, including marketplaces and online storefronts. For seamless eCommerce experiences, PIM in a Box try now!

PIM for Shopify

smallPIM for Shopify_StrikeTru

Proven, SaaS-based affordable smallPIM offers core capabilities from Akeneo’s Community Edition PIM. Start your digital transformation journey by improving your product information management processes with the best PIM for Shopify. Connect your Shopify online store with smallPIM to import & export high quality product data, avoid mistakes, duplicates and error prone manual product catalog transfer, while selling more & capturing more ROI.

“smallPIM is so easy, so basic, and so user-friendly. It makes perfect sense to use it as a single source of truth for product data.”


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