Product Data Match And Merge

Connecting product data across multiple data sets is essential for increasing SKU counts and product data quality for an eCommerce focused distributor. Our data matching solution will help increase your SKU counts significantly and also help create rich product content for eCommerce.

Increase your SKU counts and create high quality product content by connecting data from multiple data sources. By uncovering smart connections among your supplier SKUs, our data matching solution matches up SKUs and helps quickly remove duplicates from your database. We leverage multiple matching mechanisms based on supplier name, MPN, UPC, and fuzzy matching (enabled by a powerful matching engine Pentaho) to match SKUs overcoming any keyboard errors, missing or extra letters or words.

For a list of data connector solutions, please visit the solutions page.


  • Increase product data accuracy and integrity
  • Minimize time spent on de-duping product data manually
  • Onboard large number of SKUs and product data attributes

Data matching is only one piece of a data quality program that is important for eCommerce. Data acquisition, data cleansing, profiling and insights, and data management are other important elements.

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