PIM Benefits

PIM (Product Information Management) is an enterprise content management solution that:
  • Centralizes product content required to support commerce operations
  • Simplifies generation of compelling, consistent, and high-quality product content
  • Synchronizes product content with internal systems, marketing and sales platforms, customers, and partners
  • Scales up content acquisition, enrichment, and publishing efforts

PIM breaks up data silos and creates a single source of trusted product data by aggregating it from multiple sources, and by cleansing, enriching, governing, and maintaining it consistently.

Product and variants management, data inheritance, data validations, quality checks, completeness checks, bulk edit features, rules-based auto-enrichment, approval workflows, audit trails, and role-based permissions ensure you create and deliver high-quality and consistent data. 

asset portal

PIM helps you onboard, link, control, optimize, and share product assets with digital channels. PIM simplifies the task of associating imagery, videos, PDFs, and other digital assets with product data.

Automate product categorization, data validations, inheritance, concatenation of data for consistent titles & descriptions, image optimizations, data imports and exports, alerts, and reporting to scale data management operations.

Provide suppliers a self-service portal to onboard data into PIM. Spend less time and money collecting and onboarding data, and more time managing suppliers, increasing assortment, & growing sales.

Localize UI, metadata, and data values in PIM to support your global business. Automate data translation. Setup region specific product hierachies, attributes, languages, currencies, units of measure, reference data, and product feeds with appropriate access controls.

Leverage PIM to manage rich product data systematically to enable navigation and exploration features critical for conversion on eCommerce sites. These features include intuitive categories and sub-categories, helpful product titles and descriptions, facet navigation, cross-sell compatible products, comparisons, etc.

Great product feeds to digital shopping channels and marketplaces will ensure customers find and purchase your products. PIM holds high-quality product data optimized for digital channels that can feed product syndication tools to help drive traffic and sales from an increasing number of digital channels.

By integrating PIM with other enterprise systems, trusted product data can also be shared efficiently with internal analytical and operational systems, thus reducing manual and redundant efforts. This will also make the enterprise more agile and responsive when it comes to implementing new digital initiatives (for e.g., launching a mobile app). 

PIM connectors exist for various eCommerce platforms including Magento, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Adobe InDesign, Shopware, & PrestaShop.