ORS Nasco Data Connector

As an industrial distributor, you might be doing business with ORS Nasco. To support your business growth, you might looking to on-board SKUs and product content provided by ORS Nasco. You need to match and merge ORS Nasco SKUs with SKUs in your ERP. You also need a solution that easily aggregates, prepares, and synchronizes product content with your eCommerce website.

StrikeTru’s ORS Nasco Connector is that solution. It is a cloud-based solution that allows distributors to quickly establish a link to ORS Nasco content repository, download and deploy product content in your ERP and eCommerce systems, and provide customers a strong eCommerce environment. Powered by Akeneo PIM, this connector helps minimize the cost of acquiring and deploying ORS Nasco product content for sales and marketing purposes.

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