Akeneo PIM Connector for Shopify FAQs

What is Akeneo PIM Connector for Shopify?
It is a SaaS software from StrikeTru that connects Akeneo PIM to the Shopify platform. It allows Shopify users to quickly setup a link to Akeneo PIM and sync all product catalog data to Shopify within minutes. It eliminates a lot of manual and repetitive work involved in updating the product catalog of a Shopify store. You can export products and variations, modifiers, categories, standard and custom attributes, and images from Akeneo into Shopify.

Are support and upgrades included?
Yes, free support and upgrades are included with the connector. We will keep the connector compatible with all upcoming Akeneo PIM and Shopify releases. We will also be adding additional features that will be provided for free.

What is the setup time needed for the connector?
The connector will be available soon for installation in the Shopify and Akeneo app marketplaces. The connector can then be configured in a few minutes. You can then start to sync product data from your Akeneo PIM into Shopify with a couple of clicks. The setup and sync process is quick and easy enabled via configuration screens on the UI.

I have a single Akeneo PIM instance that feeds multiple Shopify sites. Can I still use this connector and do I pay extra per site?
You can install our connector on each of your Shopify stores and connect it to the same Akeneo PIM instance. You can configure the connector to sync the relevant products for each store. There is a connector cost per store.

I am using the older version of Akeneo software, will the connector work for me?
Our connector is compatible with all Akeneo editions (CE, EE, and Cloud Flexibility/Serenity) version 2.x or higher. We highly recommend that you use the latest Akeneo version. If you need help upgrading to the latest version, contact us for help.

Would I get free upgrades when the new features are released in the connector software?
Yes, we provide free updates to our connector. We are constantly working on adding new features, and you can take advantage of those via free upgrades.

Can I export product models and products from Akeneo to my Shopify store?
Yes, our connector software allows you to export product models and products from Akeneo. This allows you to automatically setup products and product variations in your Shopify store from Akeneo PIM.

Can I sync actual image files as well as image URLs from Akeneo to Shopify?
Yes, our connector software allows you the flexibility to map an Image, Text (containing image URL), or Asset Collection attribute to your Shopify image attribute. The module is designed to work with both Akeneo community and enterprise edition image management features.

What is smallPIM and is this connector compatible with it?
smallPIM is an affordable SaaS PIM solution powered by Akeneo PIM Community Edition. It is a fully managed service that is ideal for a budget-conscious merchant that wants an affordable PIM backed by expert deployment and customer support services. The Akeneo PIM Connector for Shopify is compatible with smallPIM.

Will you support my customization needs?
Yes, we can implement any custom, including complex, requirements. Just contact us at sales@striketru.com with your customization requirements.

Akeneo PIM Connector for Shopify Overview