Akeneo Cloud Connector for Digital Asset Management

Akeneo cloud connector for DAM - Striketru

StrikeTru’s Akeneo Cloud Connector for Digital Asset Management automates manual and labor intensive digital asset operations involved in supporting eCommerce environments.

A typical Akeneo user manages thousands of products in PIM. Each product has an increasing array of digital assets including multiple images, videos, and product sheets. Many PIM users don’t use a DAM system and manage assets in multiple disconnected locations. They spend an enormous of time collecting, preparing, & transferring assets manually into PIM & eCommerce systems.

This connector allows Akeneo users to quickly deploy a link to AWS, Google, or Azure cloud storage and CDN services, and automate manual and repetitive digital asset tasks. Assets are centralized in cloud storage, images optimized for sales channels, assets transferred into PIM, linked to the right products, and distributed to Content Delivery Networks (CDNs).

PIM Assets can be stored on AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, or Azure Blob Storage.

Manage all types of product assets (images, videos, sheets, etc.), and sub types (silo image, environmental image, brand logo, swatch, assembly instructions, warranty sheet, etc.). 

asset portal

Import assets automatically from cloud storage into PIM within minutes, and link them to the right products. You just have to drag and drop assets into the cloud storage account!

Asset import from cloud storage to PIM - Striketru

Validate digital asset quality automatically – naming convention, asset type, resolution, size, etc. Report invalid asset issues by email.

Validate your asset quality - Striketru

Auto optimize images for sales channels – rename, resize, change resolution, change color code, change background, generate channel specific renditions, etc.

Auto optimize your images for the sale channel(rescale, resize, ect.) - Striketru

Auto sync optimized assets to Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). Amazon CloudFront, Google Cloud CDN, or Azure CDN.


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