Akeneo PIM for BigCommerce Quick Start

Step 1 (Credentials)
a. Log into your Akeneo instance and setup Akeneo API connector.
b. Provide the Akeneo API connection details in the Credentials tab.
c. Click on button “Save Config”.
d. Click on button “Test Akeneo Connector”. Make sure this is success and then move to the next step.

Step 2 (Setting/ Meta-data sync)
a. Provide the Akeneo product filters -Channel, Completeness, Enabled,Products updated since last x days etc.
b. Click on button “Save Config”
c. Sync Categories by clicking “Sync categories.”
d. Verify that the Akeneo categories are synched to BigCommerce by logging into BigCommerce backend

Step 3 (Attribute Mapping/Data Sync)
a. Map Akeneo attributes with BigCommerce
b. Specify attributes to be used as Images in the section “Extra mappings”
c. Click “Save Config”
d. Sync the products by clicking button “Sync Data”
e. Make sure products are synched to BigCommerce.

App FAQs – Akeneo PIM Connector for BigCommerce

Watch the quick-start demo video:

Learn more: Akeneo PIM Connector for BigCommerce


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