What Is Cloud PIM And Why Is It Right For Me?

Cloud deployment in eCommerce is a default in 2020. Driven by digitally influenced consumer touch-points like social media, online marketplaces and mobile search, cloud native innovation has become main-stream. Adapting… Read more »

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Marketing To Millennials

Millennials are changing the way brands are doing business, from catching onto contextual advertising trends to becoming early adopters of latest marketing channels (like Instagram) – it’s no surprise their purchasing… Read more »

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Agile Product Feed Management

Most Americans shop online. A majority of these online customers start their product search on search engines, market places, and retailer websites. Visibility and discovery are two of the most… Read more »

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Modernize how you manage product information using a PIM system

Customers need to make informed decisions before they buy any commodity. Before a purchase is made, a customer wants to know how the product will be of benefit to him… Read more »

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Use PIM to scale your product counts and fuel digital transformation

In a world of digital revolution, businesses all over the world are doing more with less. Digital Transformation for your business literally means adopting the use of new digital systems… Read more »

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StrikeTru helps digital agency customize Akeneo PIM to reduce product setup times

An online marketing and web design agency, Astral Web also specializes in Magento commerce implementations. For one of their clients, the agency wanted to customize Akeneo PIM to improve PIM… Read more »

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