BigCommerce Development Solutions

Commerce is evolving constantly, and digital customer experience is a major part of that evolution today. To deliver superior digital experiences and elevate your brand, you must make commerce tools and data your best friends. StrikeTru is uniquely positioned in the commerce industry and offers a wide range of growth-based commerce solutions with a perfect blend of design, data, and functionality to enhance your customer shopping experience and unlock the full potential of commerce tools like BigCommerce to accelerate sales.

BigCommerce is an open-SaaS (Software as a Service) feature-rich eCommerce platform that is highly customizable and comes with powerful in-built tools for merchants of all sizes to manage and sell an unlimited number of products with ease. As a leading Open SaaS solution, BigCommerce empowers merchants to build, innovate and grow their businesses online.

We design and develop storefronts, integrate and customize store themes, migrate data from existing systems, consolidate multiple stores into one Multi-Storefront (MSF), build custom API integrations, deploy product information management tools, and deliver data and digital marketing services.

BigCommerce Development Solutions


UI / UX Design

Web Developement

Web Development

Data Migration

Data Migration

Data Connector

PIM & DAM Tools

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Support & Training

Support & Training

UI / UX Design

UI/UX Logo

Influence your audience with a brand integrated design that communicates your brand value through your brand schemes. We help customize all your brand elements to create a strong brand identity.


Drive interactions using simple and user-friendly UI elements. We help you design intuitive navigation tools, useful input controls, helpful informational elements, action-based page layouts, and more.

Website UI Audit:

Prior to the designing the website, we understand the performance and interaction on your webpages using analytics. Identify opportunities to improve the product discovery/searchability and align page design and functions with your business goals for all your product pages. We perform an in-depth review of how customers interact with different product pages and existing UX functions, and implement best practices to engage, cross-sell, up-sell, and move the customers down the sales funnel for your goals.

Website Development

Responsive Design:

We make your website responsive to ensure your landing pages work as smoothly on mobile devices as on a desktop so customers can seamlessly switch between devices and still get a superior digital experience.

API Integration:

We build custom API integrations to different platforms like PIM, DAM, ERP, WMS, OMS, CRM, Industry Data Pool, Syndication, Payment, Shipping, and other digital platforms. We also automate API based onboarding of supplier product data, prices, availability, and inventory.

Custom Build:

We can overcome any eCommerce platform or website limitations to help expand your brand expression, store functionality, and scalability. We can do custom eCommerce website builds that will enable unique product customization options, special business rules, and other custom features.


Data Migration

Transferring data from current systems (including eCommerce platforms) to another platform like BigCommerce is a sophisticated and complex process that requires experienced and skilled professionals to perform this migration with perfection. Our Data Migration capabilities are unmatched in the industry. The flexibility and extensibility of our data migration services represent one of our main competitive advantages.

Data is a lifeline to your business, and we understand that. Our Bigcommerce Data Migration Experts will ensure a lossless migration for all your data types and while we migrate, your current store will still be operational without an impact on your customer’s shopping experience.

Migrate to BigCommerce Multi-Storefront:

Migrating data from multiple BigCommerce stores into one Multi-Storefront (MSF) account is a tedious & expensive process that can be disruptive. We offer a BigCommerce Multi-Storefront Migration service to accelerate your adoption of MSF capabilities. The service uses pre-existing tools to automate the migration of products, categories, prices, inventory, themes, landing pages, blog posts, and other content from multiple stores into a single MSF store.

Our solution combines the power of a PIM tool and existing data connectors to reduce the cost and complexity inherent in these migrations. For more ambitious enterprises, this migration service can be converted into a long-term solution that can help them leapfrog their data management and eCommerce capabilities and future proof their business.

Migrate to BigCommerce Store:

We work with a variety of legacy ERP and other enterprise systems, digital asset management and cloud storage systems, and eCommerce platforms. We ensure your product attributes and categories, products and variants, digital assets and URLs, price and inventory data, SEO data, customer data, order history, 3rd party integrations, workflows, and more are migrated from your current systems into BigCommerce with no data loss.

We profile existing data, discuss potential data management improvements, and align your data with BigCommerce data structures. We resolve data quality issues and migrate clean data into BigCommerce. We create a detailed Bigcommerce migration design to guide the iterative data migration effort and provide a detailed report after data is migrated.

Our data services team can also help onboard product data from your suppliers into your digital platforms (eCommerce, ERP, PIM, DAM, etc.). Our data service offerings include product taxonomy and attribute schema definitions, product data collection, cleansing, normalization, enrichment, categorization, and onboarding into digital platforms. Learn more about our data services.

Migrate from BigCommerce Store Version V2 to V3

BigCommerce released a new API version (V3) in 2016. The redesign of the product data model to align it with product data models in other enterprise systems was one of the biggest reasons for this upgrade. Another reason was to simplify developer concerns that it took too many APIs to create a product in BigCommerce and the V2 product data model was difficult to sync with other 3rd party systems. Since the release, BigCommerce has been building out V3 counterparts for all V2 resources. However, All new API resources released over the last few years — features like Cart API, Payments API, and Widgets — are exclusively available in V3. 

Triggers To Migrate From BigCommerce V2 to V3
  • Modernizing Tech Stack: If you are implementing or replatforming enterprise IT systems (including ERP, OMS, PIM, DAM, etc.) and looking to integrate those with your BigCommerce store, you should consider migrating your BigCommerce stores from V2 to V3 in order to avoid building integrations to V2 first, and then to V3 again. Integrations can be complex and expensive.

  • Migrating to Multi-Storefront (MSF): If you want to move away from multiple BigCommerce stores to a Multi-Storefront, you must migrate from V2 to V3 as an MSF store requires you to be on V3.

  • Adding Additional Store(s): If you are currently on one or more V2 stores and want to simply add a new BigCommerce store, the new store will be available in V3 only. The BigCommerce team might make exceptions in some cases to allow new V2 stores, but don’t bank on it. If you choose to operate both old V2 and new V3 stores (i.e. mixed model), it will lead to added cost and complexity in the areas of eCommerce operations management, product content management, employee experiences, training and enablement, integrations, etc.

  • Better Features: Faster APIs, Metafield availability, improved product modeling (e.g. attach options and modifiers directly to products), newer functionality, etc. If you’re looking to compete on the basis of best tools and features, you should move to V3 to take advantage of its current and future capabilities.

Data migration triggers
Key Changes in BigCommerce V3
  • Redesigned product data model that makes it easier to conceptualize and create products by avoiding multi-screen workflows

  • Modernizing Tech Stack: If you are implementing or replatforming enterprise IT systems (including ERP, OMS, PIM, DAM, etc.) and looking to integrate those with your BigCommerce store, you should consider migrating your BigCommerce stores from V2 to V3 in order to avoid building integrations to V2 first, and then to V3 again. Integrations can be complex and expensive.

  • Introduction of explicit product variants or SKUs, and variant level attribute tracking (as opposed to attribute tracking relative to the parent product via rules)

  • Options and modifiers are attached directly to a product, as opposed to attaching them via an option set that was shared across many products. This gives users more granular control over editing product choices across individual products

  • Fewer API calls and inclusion of subresources within a request, making it easier for developers to work with BigCommerce and sync products with other systems

  • API-accessible metafields that allow additional custom data to be managed for Brands, Categories, Products and Variants

  • More developer control over paginating V3 resources

Challenges When Migrating From V2 to V3

If your BigCommerce product catalog contains product options (i.e. variants), you must redo your product options setup when migrating from V2 to V3. The more complex your product options setup is, the more involved the migration will be. Here are some specific challenges:

  • Even in the simplest scenarios, the process involves multiple manual and specific steps. There is no easy way to do it

  • V3 options are no longer tied to option sets. Although V3 has shared options, there is currently no way to apply them to multiple products at once when rebuilding your product options

  • Due to the inherent flexibility in V2 options management, different customers set up product options very differently. When migrating to V3, product options must be separated into options and modifiers. This requires analysis and rebuilding effort. In V2, you could create SKUs for each combination of options and modifiers. In V3, you can create SKUs for combination of option values. So during a migration to V3, you must decide how to rebuild those SKUs

  • In V2, it was possible to create a SKU with a subset of product options only. In V3, a variant needs to be created for every combination of option values

  • A migration is also an opportunity to make improvements such as consolidating multiple options into fewer options. This requires some data profiling and decisioning on which options to rebuild and how

  • In addition to the above, there may potentially be other considerations when migrating product options

Data migration key challenges

For all the reasons mentioned above, it is unlikely that there will be a totally automated solution for this migration. Your options include spending a lot of time and money doing this yourself, or paying your current agency to do it. This is where StrikeTru comes in. We provide a very streamlined migration solution that leverages pre-existing data sync technology components to perform this complex migration quicker and faster than others can. The solution involves the use of an API based data tool that helps analyze, extract, and transform your V2 data at scale, and load it into a PIM tool. The PIM tool can be used to audit your data prior and automatically migrate your data back into your V2 store in V3 compatible formats.

Our BigCommerce specialists can perform this complex product catalog upgrade for your store without any data loss and address any incompatibility issues between these versions. They can also help analyze and improve your data structures and tackle any unforeseen data challenges during the migration. Call us today to learn more about this BigCommerce V2-V3 migration solution!


StrikeTru Helped Richmond Supply migrate from Magento to a BigCommerce store that was designed to handle custom processing of a large catalog of products. Daily product, price, and availability updates were automated to reduce friction in the product selection and checkout processes. Product and image data gaps were plugged at scale to improve data quality, and 3rd party apps were installed to help provide a great customer experience.

PIM & DAM Tools

We offer PIM (product information management) and DAM (digital asset management) tools and connectors that can significantly enhance your BigCommerce store performance. Check out our connectors which help you transfer data between different platforms to make your life easier.

One of those connectors is our Akeneo PIM connector for BigCommerce, a robust app that links your Akeneo PIM tool with your BigCommerce store to sync product data. This is easy to install, user-friendly, single-click app that lets you manage your entire product catalog (products, product variations, categories, options, custom attributes, images and videos, SEO information) in PIM, and then sync that data to your BigCommerce store(s) effortlessly saving you time and money.

Data Connector

Digital Marketing

PPC (Pay Per Click) Marketing

PPC marketing is the most effective way to reach your audience faster and drive traffic to your website. To successfully implement an eCommerce PPC campaign you need an in-depth knowledge of the type of campaigns you should use and how to optimize them for a specific result you are looking for.

There main drivers for an eCommerce business in PPC are Search ads, Display ads & Shopping ads. StrikeTru has certified PPC experts on Google Ads and Microsoft Ads who can drive your PPC campaigns from creating ad copies to optimizing your campaigns to managing your shopping feeds of both these platforms.

Our end goal from these campaigns is to help you gain faster exposure to your audience in order to drive traffic, retain website visitors, drive conversions, and decrease your CPA (cost per accusation).

Support, Training & Maintenance

Our expert eCommerce support team is here to offer you timely training and support to manage and grow your eCommerce store. Our proprietary tools (smallPIM and Connectors) come with unlimited training and support. Our support team can help you with any issues related to data, design, functionality, or digital marketing and provide solutions with a quick turnaround.


Richmond Supply

Richmond supply_Striketru


“StrikeTru already had a deep understanding of our eCommerce needs and solved core technology and data issues to help grow our digital presence. With improved site usability, better support for SEO and data management, automations, and integrations, we have a more agile eCommerce environment that helps us deliver improved customer experiences.”

BigCommerce Platform Features

Easy to use conversion tools:

BigCommerce merchants convert more achieving higher average orders than industry benchmarks and growing their businesses fast, with the help of features designed to provide shoppers a seamless experience that turns shoppers into buyers. With the customer retention and conversion tools, you’ll be able to encourage checkouts, reduce friction on your site, and keep customers coming back for more.

Build a modern storefront for your business
Optimize and streamline your checkout page
Recover customers using BigCommerce abandoned cart saver feature

Simplify eCommerce management:

Manage your online business with ease. With more out-of-the-box features, we've taken the complexity out of setting up and managing your store, helping your business save time and money as you grow.

Easily manage your inventory
Create personalized shopping experiences with ease
Simplified Payment gateway integrations

Easy-to-use marketing features:

With BigCommerce, you can access more built-in features designed to bring in customers and grow your revenue. Reach new customers across channels as you grow your brand.

Rank higher with features built to align with SEO best practices
Sell on social media with seamless processing and inventory controls
Sync product data feeds from BigCommerce to Google Shopping campaigns

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