AD Econtent Connector For Akeneo PIM


As an industrial distributor, you typically have tens of thousands of SKUs in your ERP but currently list only a subset of them on your website. We know your intent is to grow eCommerce by deploying rich product data provided by Affiliated Distributors (AD) eContent Services program. You need to match, merge, and combine AD content with SKUs in your ERP and with SKUs from other 3rd parties like ORS-Nasco, Orgill, etc. You need a solution that easily aggregates, prepares, and synchronizes product content with your eCommerce website efficiently. StrikeTru’s AD Connector does just that. It is a cloud-based solution that allows AD members to quickly establish a link to AD eContent Services program, download and deploy product content in ERP and eCommerce systems, and provide customers a best-in-class eCommerce environment. Powered by Akeneo PIM, this connector helps minimize the cost of acquiring and deploying AD eContent for growth initiatives.

Key Features


Connect AD eContent directly with your Magento or other eCommerce websites


Stage AD eContent in Akeneo PIM where you can easily aggregate content from multiple sources, prepare it, and feed it to eCommerce websites

Rich Product Pages

Launch rich product detail pages by providing products, variants, groupings, rich titles & descriptions, images, spec sheets, etc.

Cloud Based

Centralize and manage all product content including AD eContent in the cloud. Eliminate issues associated with using legacy systems and spreadsheets

AD Data & Standards

Import AD Products/Variants, Grouped Products, Images, Documents, Taxonomy, Attributes, Valid Lists Of Values. Import Images or Documents only (for performance, and to overcome missing data issues)

Content Automation

Automate content tasks including ongoing load, categorize, enrich, notify, and publish. Set rules to map AD SKUs to your unique categories, groups variants, improve titles and descriptions, remove special characters, etc.

Easy Search

With content centralized, categorized, tagged, and enriched in useful ways, searching for data and digital assets (regardless of the SKU counts) becomes super easy

Roles & Permissions

Setup user roles, permissions, and access levels to control who can view, import, enrich, approve, and export data, meta-data, and digital assets.

Flexible Imports

On-demand or scheduled AD eContent imports. Initiate and manage content tasks from within the connector. Auto generated AD change reports simplify the task of reflecting attribute and category changes in PIM

Product Workflows

Pre-built collaboration workflow optimized for on-boarding, enriching, and repairing SKUs, and approving them for release to web and other channels

Full Integration

No more disparate databases. The AD Connector solution, powered by Akeneo, integrates with AD eContent Services, Amazon and Google cloud services, and ERP and eCommerce systems to streamline content workflows

Proven Platform

The StrikeTru AD Connector solution is based on Akeneo, the world’s leading open-source Product Information Management solution. It can also integrate seamlessly with Magento Commerce, a leader in eCommerce solutions For a list of other Data Connector solutions, please visit the solutions page.

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