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Akeneo, A Premier PIM Solution

With Akeneo, it’s easy to deliver rich product content across your sales channels, digital marketing platforms, and devices. We can also help you centralize product data and asset management, improve data quality, automate content production and dissemination, and boost online visibility and conversion.

Rich Content

Consumers rely heavily on online product content to make online and store purchases. Poor content lowers brand equity, search engine rankings, and sales, and raises operating costs. Legacy content operations involve high cost and complexity. Akeneo makes it very easy to centrally create, manage and disseminate high quality product content on a consistent basis.

Digital assets

Polish your products by associating relevant imagery, videos, PDFs, and other digital assets. Use Akeneo to centrally organize, maintain, protect, reuse, transform, and share your assets. Ensure they’re in place prior to launching products, and meet the ever increasing demands of your digital channels.

content automation

Customers rely a lot on titles, descriptions, and images to make buying decisions. Automate systematic concatenation of rich data to create consistent titles and descriptions, and extraction and delivery of channel/retailer specific content feeds.


Rich product content, typically managed in a PIM solution like Akeneo, enables navigation and exploration features found on popular E-Commerce platforms. These features include intuitive categories and sub-categories, helpful product names, facet navigation, cross-sell compatible products, comparison, etc.

digital marketing

Great product content on search, social media, and retailer websites will ensure customers find and purchase your products. Feed eCommerce websites and digital marketing platforms with rich content consistently to make them work aggressively for you, and drive higher traffic and conversion.

Rich Content

Create and manage rich product content in a PIM to drive SEO, site search, and e-commerce conversion.


Aggregate, enrich, maintain, and govern product content. Create a trusted source of current, complete, and accurate content.


Polish your products by linking digital assets (imagery, videos, PDFs, etc.) managed more effectively in PIM.


Create quality content with completeness checks, data validation and enrichment rules, approval workflows, and granular access controls.


Auto generate consistent titles, descriptions, and URLs, and automate channel and retailer specific content feeds.


Feed websites, marketplaces, and other digital marketing platforms with content tailored for individual channel needs.


Enable e-commerce site navigation and exploration features from rich, granular data best managed in a PIM.


Synchronize your catalog from Akeneo to Magento easily using PimGento, a free Magento extension.


Easily integrate PIM with other systems for a single source of truth, one time data entry, and automated publishing.


Reduce SKU setup costs and time to market by having suppliers onboard and update product content directly in PIM.


Provide distributors and customers self-service access to digital assets published for marketing or support purposes.


Get visibility and access to source code, engage your own resources to support and enhance your PIM solution.


"We have been very impressed with StrikeTru's expert-level understanding of data structure, e-commerce and the online world. Their comprehensive understanding of the “Akeneo” PIM is impressive. At every turn they were able to overcome our challenges and help us better understand our future possibilities with their implementation. In a world where it’s easy to spend tons of money headed down the wrong path, StrikeTru has given us a refreshing sense of confidence that our online strategy is the right one."
- Levi W. Hill IV, President of Richmond Supply Company
"The Akeneo PIM system is central to Market America’s ongoing digital drive to deliver rich, accurate, and timely product content to our customers globally. With Akeneo PIM, we can create, collect, and syndicate rich, localized product content to our various eCommerce websites faster than before."
- Jon Vivers, VP Search and Analytics of Market America | SHOP.COM
“We like Akeneo PIM because is intuitive and user friendly. It helps centralize our product data and has a connector to our Magento eCommerce platform, which means a lot of effort saved when updating our eCommerce sites. We chose to work with StrikeTru because of their obvious mastery of the Akeneo product and their ability to give us a clear vision of how the fully implemented solution will meet our various requirements.”
- Chris Moylan, Director of IT and Logistics at Five Ten
“Akeneo helped me escape spreadsheet hell so I can focus on dominating my market. Its open source, easy to use, and great for product enrichment and channel exports. I was able to double my assortment without adding overhead!”.
- e-Commerce Manager, StealASofa
"We've tried several products and processes to manage our Magento e-Commerce website content. Akeneo has been by far the easiest to use, and the most powerful. It's intuitive, fast and loaded with features to organize and utilize data. We've been especially pleased with the expertise StrikeTru has brought to the project. They have constructed the right PIM system for our needs, trained us, given great advice as we expand our offerings and made this project go smoothly."
- Jamie Hope, PIM Analyst & Creative Manager at Richmond Supply Company
“Once you realize the advantage of getting rid of the old practices and find this central place for collaboration, it’s irresistible.”
- Charles Gallagher, Executive Vice President of PTS America
“Updating product content in Akeneo PIM takes 10 minutes compared with the 30 minutes it took in the old system.”
- Rebecca Eckenroth, Health & Nutrition Product Manager in Market America